Saturday, February 24, 2007
In the background

On Thursday evening I was waiting at Spencer Street Station (yes, Spencer Street, not Southern Cross) for my train. It wasn't arriving for about 10 minutes so I decided to go up and have a look at the Sock Shop to see if I could find any interesting stockings to add to my already monstrous collection that takes up an entire large drawer in my bedroom.

On Thursday I had been at work. Yes, work! I've managed to find myself a job, and a most fantastic job indeed.

I am a builder of giant puppets!

I think I must have the only job in the world where the large, pendulous boobs of a blue bunyip get in the way of me doing my work properly.

On this particular Thursday evening I was still wearing my work clothes. "Work clothes" are basically anything I can find that I don't mind getting paint and glue on, and are cool enough to withstand the heat in the large, un-insulated tin shed in Footscray that is the workshop. This Thursday's work clothes were a pair of fisherman pants, and a bright lime green t-shirt acquired from the time I was an Orientation Volunteer at Uni. Both clothes and me were adorned in a layer of dirt and sweat, my newest accessory.

In less long winded terms I was not looking (or smelling) my rosiest.

This Thursday was the Thursday that Channel 7 for some reason had decided that they were going to film inside The Sock Shop at Spencer Street Station. I don't know why, or for what, but they had cameras there. I didn't really notice them when I walked in, but suddenly it was me, the woman who worked there, and the Channel 7 crew inside the tiny shop.

The man behind the camera smiled slyly at me as I perused the wall covered in printed tights. The smile was one that said "why hello darling, don't you look just TERRIBLE today. What a shame you'll be featured in this cutting edge story about the rise of the sock trade we're showing on the next edition of Today Tonight.". At least, that's what his smile said to me. It could have just been a general friendly smile and an unfortunate facial defect made it seem otherwise.

I was somewhat alarmed at the cameras this particular Thursday. Thoughts immediately entered my head of all the people from high school who would turn on Channel 7 that night to recognise a very dirty and dishevelled me looking at striped stockings. I imagined them calling out to their high school boyfriends who they now live with in the same postcode as their parents, yelling from the lounge room "look, it's that Erica from high school! Hasn't she turned out horribly!".

These kinds of thoughts enter my mind quite often, most often when I'm at the supermarket and notice someone from my year level selecting tomatoes. The general response to this is for me to duck down behind the bananas, and slink slowly away from the produce section with my basket, hoping they don't notice me as I grab a head of broccoli on the way past.

In the supermarket you can hide. On television you can not. Did anyone see me? Was I featured in a story on Sunrise about places to shop in Melbourne? Did Kochie make an uncouth remark about the horrid looking girl in the background of the last shot? Did the woman he sits next to whose name I don't know laugh and scold him fondly for it? Or did I look so terrible that they decided they couldn't use any of the footage at all? I may never know...

Did anyone see me on television?

I hope not.

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posted by Erica 2/24/2007 01:30:00 PM
Thursday, February 01, 2007
Things I was given money for whilst busking in Rundle Mall

  • Having awesome shoes.

  • Having an acoustic guitar.

  • Playing John Denver.

  • Having a lovely smile.

  • Being from Melbourne.

  • Being actually able to hold a tune.

  • Being felt sorry for.

  • Being sunburnt. (They also offered me sunscreen)

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posted by Erica 2/01/2007 03:50:00 PM
SMS conversation with my mum

Wednesday night, in Adelaide, some time around 10pm.

Mum, out of the blue: What have you been doing?

Erica, somewhat tipsy: Hi mum, i've busked in rundle mall, then explored the city. We have been watching an arty gig thing tonight and will probably do similar the rest of the week.

Mum, unguageable emotion: Sounds interesting.

Erica, somewhat drunk: It is.

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posted by Erica 2/01/2007 01:36:00 PM

MSN: jelli_babi

Next Gig
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